Day 5 – Intervals

Unstructured days call for structure.

I wake up. I join the my work team’s video Zoom link. Our faces pop up in a live-stream grid like “Hollywood Squares” or “The Brady Bunch.” The professional fourth wall is gone — you can glimpse the insides of coworkers’ homes. Turns out there’s real people behind our business personas!

In our home our family has agreed upon definite lunch and dinner times — set points within a given day to congregate and share meals. Something to divvy up intervals of email, crafts, games, television, backyard chill outs.

I’m beginning to wonder if my Protestant childhood was good preparation for this period in history. “Left Behind” tribulation scenarios were all the rage in mainstream Christian circles circa the early 2000s. I became quite psychologically comfortable in my adolescence with the thought that the world could be thrown into disarray at a moment’s notice. Which begs the question — should we now keep our eyes peeled for an emergent Antichrist? And how would we recognize him (or her)? With a despotic reality show billionaire at the helm of the free world, what is our metric for spotting the devil incarnate?

See? Humor as a coping mechanism.

We’re approaching 12:30, which means I should start preparing lunch. One simply can’t face the unknown on an empty stomach.

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