9/19 – Survivors

“I can’t breathe.” The famous last words of George Floyd and others. Those three words. Could be the slogan of the year. We can’t breathe because of police brutality. We can’t breathe because the West Coast is burning due to climate change and the smoke hangs thick and acrid, yellow skies with a blood-red sun. Continue reading “9/19 – Survivors”

7/29 – How to Do The Things

1. Try to understand it all on a big scale. Like decades, or eons, even. Like, in the life span of the globe dinosaurs weren’t alive too long ago. Consider the scale of nature, before humans came along and fucked things up with our greed and arrogance and oil-lust and atomic bombs. Consider that planetaryContinue reading “7/29 – How to Do The Things”

7/28/2020 – I Stopped Counting Days

I stopped counting days. There was a time in late May and early July when the country erupted and I lost the thread on C-19. It felt small when compared to a larger story of police brutality, racial justice, looting, burning cities, a fascist dictatorship. Yes, the virus was there in the conversation, but itContinue reading “7/28/2020 – I Stopped Counting Days”

Day 67 – How to Get Through the Day in 5 Easy Steps

You seek tranquility, but meditative thoughts and breath control no longer work. Embrace the polar opposite. Get the crappiest boom box and dial in 1990s hip hop hits or 1980s power ballads on FM radio and blast it into your ears. Your mind is emptied. You are free. Revisit your favorite novels on the bookshelf.Continue reading “Day 67 – How to Get Through the Day in 5 Easy Steps”

Day 60 – Goodbye to the Old god

And this evening I’m filled once again with a terrible optimism.  Terrible, because I feel fortunate during this time of social upheaval and suffering. Sometimes I sort of forget, even, about the pandemic (even though I read about it all day in the newspaper — a new habit). Forget because it’s normalized now: mask, handContinue reading “Day 60 – Goodbye to the Old god”

Day 57 – Chaos Comes to Town

But there is no one to impose true order on this chaos. Yes — there were detailed models, even, for how a pandemic would likely break out, and what the government’s response to it ought to be. Yet denial ruled the day. There was bad information, the suppression of information, the downplaying of the breakingContinue reading “Day 57 – Chaos Comes to Town”