Day 43 – Bending the Learning Curve

The news. Who can read it? Who can avoid it?

I am obsessed with reading articles. I can’t look away. They’re my window to the outside world, a world that is strangely placid on the exterior and burning with infection on the inside.

News items:

-More people have died in America from Coronavirus than people in the Vietnam War.

-Widespread testing and contact tracing are still far off and it’s up to the states to find their own testing supplies in what has become a bidding war on PPE.

-The food supply is uncertain.

-People in their thirties are dying of strange strokes and blood clotting issues, thought to be related to COVID-19.

All day I switch between screens. Work screens — two laptops, two phones. The news pours into the cracks of my day via social media. There is no escaping the windows that peer into and try to quantify suffering, waiting, anxiety.

And yet I must be informed. What’s shocking to me is the misinformation that’s propagated by people who are frustrated and ignorant. (I don’t mean ignorant in a pejorative sense, I mean only that people are uninformed or under-informed. We’re not all epidemiologists and knowledge of the virus is still emerging.)

I read and learn. We’re all learning how to live in this new world.

To bend this curve further, we must first bend the learning curve. Stay informed to keep others alive.

Adapt to emerging information.

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