Day 43 – Bending the Learning Curve

The news. Who can read it? Who can avoid it? I am obsessed with reading articles. I can’t look away. They’re my window to the outside world, a world that is strangely placid on the exterior and burning with infection on the inside. News items: -More people have died in America from Coronavirus than peopleContinue reading “Day 43 – Bending the Learning Curve”

Day 40 – The New Normal

What does the “new normal” mean? Nobody knows — and the internet and societal conversations are awash in speculation. I fancy myself a big reader of online articles; I try to ingest the glut of information out there about this global pandemic. In the articles I read representatives from different sectors of the economy andContinue reading “Day 40 – The New Normal”

Day 37 – It has been decided

It has been decided that time will be suspended this year. You will be set adrift in the week. Days will operate on their own internal logic. Some days will not happen at all. A spring break that won’t end. An anxiety attack in slow motion. To fully embrace this phenomena you must become likeContinue reading “Day 37 – It has been decided”

Day 25 – In Which I Become an Educator

And so I’m a teacher now. I have no formal training beyond my own education and a Teaching English as a Second Language Certificate from 2006. Yet I find that I have a natural teaching talent. I sit with my daughter at the kitchen table and tackle kindergarten. We make index cards with single-syllable sightContinue reading “Day 25 – In Which I Become an Educator”