Day 8 – Taking Stock of Silver Linings

I see a change in online trends today.

The busy-work emails of last week have quickly tapered off this Monday. Everyone seems to be listlessly waiting and unfocused. The work-related Zoom calls are perfunctory and end quickly. The uncertainty grates on nerves.

The Coronavius memes have tapered off, too. People don’t seem to find this situation funny anymore.

I watched this evening as Washington State Governor Jay Inslee addressed state residents. 54 thousand people tuned into his Facebook Live stream as he urged everyone to stay at home for two weeks. The Facebook feed kept glitching and freezing under the weight of watching digital eyes. Inslee urged us to stay home for two weeks.

I felt like there was a silver lining to his speech. He alluded to an end to the quarantine. He said schools would open again, that life would continue as normal at some point. This is an optimistic tone, given that early reports estimated that the public would be on lockdown for up to 18 months.

I, too, am taking stock of silver linings. I had a few day-drinks to cope with stress today. That’s pretty uncommon for me. This evening, though, I remain optimistic about my job as a government contractor. There seems to be security in that for now. I am able to work remotely. I’ve been eating better than ever with all of this home cooking and I’ve been getting a lot of exercise through home improvement projects and gardening.

I understand that this will pass.

Until then I rest. I find recreation, read, work, repeat. This is all one can do now.

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