Day 9 – Nine Things To Do

  1. Keep busy. Lose yourself in the flow of craftsmanship and appreciation for details.
  2. Work on big projects that would otherwise take too long to complete in, say, a given weekend. This is your opportunity to get things done.
  3. Limit your social media exposure. There’s a lot of hand-wringing happening. Remember that a lot of what you read is speculation and guesswork. Nobody definitively knows what next week holds.
  4. Actively think of positive things. Tell other people about good things and bask in the glow of the sharing.
  5. Enjoy long intervals of waiting. Take pleasure in unstructured time. The luxury of boredom may never agin occur when/if life goes back to “normal.” Remember the breakneck pace and eye ache of perpetual frenzied screen use? Why was that the standard of modern adult life? How did that come to pass?
  6. Take note of clouds and longer days. Appreciate the languid passing of time.
  7. Explore new genres of music.
  8. Make a long, slow meal and enjoy eating it. Eat with others.
  9. Remember that a basic component of any narrative structure is suffering. Characters must face obstacles in order to develop their full potential. At the end of the story, a protagonist must emerge changed, often for the better.

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