Day 13 – Chill Outs

The following list of quick chill outs are for my personal reference. If they help you out, too, that’s great!

-Take 5 minutes of fresh air. Breathe that calm, cool, air in and hold it.

-Wash your face in the bathroom sink with hot water. Emerge from the bathroom feeling fresh with nice skin.

-Take out the recycling. Feel like the world is slightly more organized and there’s one less task to do.

-Make a list to empty your brain. Refer to the list (if it helps) or throw the list away if that helps you clear your mind haha

-Get a Topo Chico seltzer water in a glass bottle from the beloved corner store (10 minute walk, plus social contact at a distance). Topo Chico is delicious and, bonus: it makes a great mixer, especially if you get the lime flavor.

-Go easy on yourself. It’s cool. The world goes on.

Also: sometimes you just have to laugh. I mean, like my work situation – we’re all sitting in our living rooms staring seriously into little screens. It’s ridiculous. People are hoarding toilet paper. The world, though scary, has also reached peak absurdity. It can be good and worthwhile to have a laugh and find the humor in a global pandemic… if you can.

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