Day 11 – Real Life

Of course, real life is all around us.

It’s not on the screens that dictate work regimens, provide entertainment and escapism — the screens through which we interact with other humans by proxy and order groceries.

Real life is unavoidable and must be encountered. This is part of the work: the mental toil of facing the day’s chores in isolation. This is so true when you’re quarantined with small children. There’s the washing, the cooking, the cleaning. There’s the million and one domestic chores that keep one grounded to the physical world. The digital world and the physical world: two “realities” which don’t always align. This is what you could call the dissonance of the modern mindset, a dualism between experiences.

I, for one, am thankful for the work of home. It’s helping me be real in the midst of a weird reality.

The social distancing is taking its toll. I notice that in public, eye contact, already a commodity in the Seattle Area, seems to be almost nonexistent. I feel like people are afraid of one another.

Living out of fear is not how we do it.

Living out of love is the new future. How this will be manifested, practically, remains to be seen.

Let’s keep our hands in the soil, in the dishwater, in the grooming of children and the preparing of the day’s meal. This is how to elevate the soul.

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