Day 57 – Chaos Comes to Town

But there is no one to impose true order on this chaos.

Yes — there were detailed models, even, for how a pandemic would likely break out, and what the government’s response to it ought to be. Yet denial ruled the day. There was bad information, the suppression of information, the downplaying of the breaking waves of disaster.

So now the internet is filled with conspiracy theories — people trying to retroactively impose a narrative on what is just an unimaginable tragedy. Folks are looking for scapegoats. The Commander in Chief is a big, easy target. Too easy. Yes, he should have done more.

But we are all responsible. We’re all possible agents of disease in this outbreak. The guilt is spread out through the herd.

Let’s just take a moment to acknowledge COVID-19 for what it is and call it by it’s name. It is unspeakable tragedy. It’s chaos.

And so I reject the partisan rhetoric on social media, the blame-shifting, and how this tragedy (as always) has taken on petty political dimensions. If you’re a human with a body, you’re in this with the rest of us.

I would like to see unity, an acknowledgement of our collective mortality. Instead: more division.

Chaos has come to town and set up shop.

Let’s create more community to help us all get through this together.

I will try to do this.

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