Day 67 – How to Get Through the Day in 5 Easy Steps

  1. You seek tranquility, but meditative thoughts and breath control no longer work. Embrace the polar opposite. Get the crappiest boom box and dial in 1990s hip hop hits or 1980s power ballads on FM radio and blast it into your ears. Your mind is emptied. You are free.
  2. Revisit your favorite novels on the bookshelf. Touch their spines. Mourn your lost attention span.
  3. Walk around your bedroom in loops. Think of your deceased loved ones and all of the unexpressed emotions that went unsaid. Be thankful that they died before the plague, in a simpler time. It’s a strange solace, but it works.
  4. A Facebook acquaintance invites you to a right-wing anti-quarantine FB page. You think about it… and join. You flood the page’s feed with relentless positive energy. You are banned as a troll to the trolls. People don’t now what to do with that kind of vibe right now. 
  5. Consider the meaning of things that no longer seem meaningful. What is a job? Why make money? Why anything? Maybe it’s better to not engage with things that no longer seem to be justified. This is a radical way of thinking: aligning yourself to the nebulous future. You are open to it. Say it out loud: I accept the unknown. Say it again.

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