Day 62 – Feeling the Days/Virtual Reality

I feel the days, the passing of time.

People talk about the distortion of time — what day of the week is it? What is a work day, where does it start and end, when? What’s a weekend if you can’t go out and hang with your friends (when there are no bars and you drink in isolation)? 

Days can pass by in a split second. They can drag on for decades. I’m not kidding — it really feels like that. I feel like a kid sometimes. Like how summer vacation days just dragged on and on. I ind of like that feeling. I’ve felt too rushed for many decades.

I’ve been finding new ways to pass the time. I’ve been on Google Maps in a somewhat obsessive way, taking in panoramic photospheres from around the world. I’m attracted to natural areas, wild areas. My favorite has been the Cascade Mountains to the east of where I live. I’ve been feeling obsessive about getting out, stir crazy to get out of my seaside neighborhood and explore the peaks. I’m planning a solo hiking trip next week. I’m terribly excited to experience nature with my direct senses. 

It’s a virtual reality these days. Of course, we’ve been primed for this “reality” since the 1990s when every science film or fair showcased chunky pixelated graphic realms that could be experienced by proxy. 

I’m inside, looking out.

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